Monday, July 6, 2009

Digging In Your Own Old Dirt

So I was digging through some old papers today, and came across a bundle of lecture notes from college. One page of publishing business notes struck me as particularly useful today, and I wanted to find out what happened to my instructor that day. Problem was, I could remember her face but not her name.

So what to do? Of course, the English department at FSU was no help -- this professor has flow the coop years ago, and the Web site doesn't list emeritae. So it's the Wayback Machine to the rescue!

A quick search dug up old, old links to the Creative Writing program's home page. The archive stretched back to the mid-1990s, which was all I needed. A copy of that home page from early 1998, just before I walked Magna Cum Laude, led to a handy faculty list, with just enough clues to help me ferret out the name I needed. Dr. Janet Burroway, I will never forget that ultra-cool Cambridge robe you wore on graduation day!

A couple of Google clicks later, and I have my professor's home page with contact info, and updated bio, and everything I could ask for. Score one for the Wayback Wanderer!

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